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Symptoms of Vision Processing Problems

vision-processingEvery child has the right to experience the joy of learning, of being challenged, achieving and succeeding.  When Visual Processing skills are hard for a child, they may struggle with school and learning.

Vision Processing includes the many ways that our brain understands and makes sense of the pictures that are always being sent through by our eyes.

Vision Processing skills must link in with other body senses such as hearing, balance, proprioception (where our muscles think they are) and our muscle movements to be able to help us:

  • Guide our pencil when we write
  • Know what sounds to say when we see writing on a page
  • See images in our head when we think or read which helps us to plan and create
  • Remember in our mind’s eye words, pictures or surrounding that we have seen before
  • Move when we walk
  • Judge speed and distance when we drive
  • Be aware of peripheral movement when we play sport or ride a bike

If you are experiencing any of the difficulties below, you may be experiencing problems with your Visual Processing:

  • Poor organisation on a page
  • Reversals of numbers, letters or words
  • Poor handwritingcontent_vision_processing_text_2
  • Problems with sight words
  • Poor spelling
  • Poor letter or word recognition
  • Not recognising the same word in the next sentence
  • Constantly re-reading the text to gain meaning
  • Poor attention
  • Poor comprehension
  • Reading and writing skills that do not match maths ability
  • Dropping of school performance for no apparent reason
  • Avoidance or disruptive behaviours during class
  • Difficulty following a series of instructions

Vision problems and Vision Processing problems are more common in the those which who have dyslexia, learning difficulties and ADD/ADHD.   An optometrist does not diagnose these conditions but will work in with other professionals to ensure that vision problems are not hampering their programmes.


Other Symptoms of Vision Problems


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