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Vision Examinations

Chart and Boy with Glasses

At The Focal Point Optometrist a comprehensive eye examination includes not only how clearly you see things far away but also includes how your eyes team, move and focus.  Eyes work differently up close when reading, writing or looking at computers and so tests for up close vision must be included as part of a thorough eye examination.

The health of the eye will also be assessed with routine testing for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and the complications of health conditions such as diabetes or raised blood pressure on the eyes.


As a new adult client to the practice, your initial consultation will take around 45 mins.   For a new child to the practice, an hour appointment will be allocated with Bernie.


Medicare provides varying rebates on your initial consultation which is dependent on when you were last seen by an optometrist and the type of tests that your vision may require on the day.

Contact lens consultations may also be claimable from Medicare dependent on the power of lenses that are required.

Vision Processing Testing and Vision Therapy programming fees are not claimable through Medicare.  Please contact the practice for bookings and current fees and charges.

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