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What to tell Santa about Christmas Gifts for Kids.

What skills do you need to Learn how to Write?
December 21, 2015

As adults, we completely understand that if we stop jogging or going to the gym, our history of hard work means little and our current performance will go backwards.  Consistency is the key and if we aren’t doing something regularly, then we don’t expect our ability to stay as good as it once was.  Use it or lose it, right?

For kids it could be “Use it or don’t develop it” and what better time than Christmas to ask Santa to deliver some good ol’ fashion developmental fun and games into our children’s technologically saturated lives.



Visual memory and visualisation abilities are needed in a classroom.  Comprehension requires us to make pictures in our heads from the words that we read.  Spelling requires us to make pictures in our heads of the bizarre sequences of letters in English that makes up words.  If you haven’t practiced visualising much yet, well Santa can help by bringing some quality games down your chimney that can help with that!

Some examples of games that require visualising a sequence to solve the problem or win the game are:

  • img_15181Amaze
  • Rush Hour
  • Tip Over
  • Hoppers
  • Simon Swipe
  • Bop it
  • Checkers and Chinese Checkers
  • Chess

I find that puzzle stores are better places for educational toys than toy stores which tend to have the latest trends rather then good developmental toys and games.

I always love finding out about new games that are out there in the market so send me a message or Facebook us with your personal favourites!



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